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No matter why you're are making a move, relocating is stressful. Usually, it means your starting a new job in an unfamiliar area. You have to find a place to live, enroll your kids in school and take care of all of the little details that are part of moving yourself and your family. The one thing you don't have to worry about is making the actual move. Mover's Choice Moving and Storage specializes in hassle-free moving. You've got enough to worry about without figuring out how you're going to get your belongings to your new city. Let us handle the heavy lifting. 
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Our reputation has been earned over the course of millions of miles and thousands of moves. We always strive to do the best job possible for our clients. You place a tremendous amount of trust in your moving company, the least you can expect in return is professionalism and courtesy. We give you that and more. With superior technology, logistics, and the best movers and packers in the business, we can get your belongings where they need to be with minimum fuss. 
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Personalized service

Some companies are little more than call centers with trucks. When you work with us, you get a team of professionals whose only goal is to make your move as quick and painless as possible. You receive personalized service that takes your individual needs into consideration. Each client is assigned a relocation specialist and customer service representative, who help you plan your move every step of the way. Don't hire a moving service that treats you like a number, go with a proven company that puts your individual needs at the forefront of everything they do. 
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Affordable rates

Mover's Choice Moving and Storage offers a wide range of moving services and rates to meet your specific needs. Every move is different, which is why we don't offer a one size fits all solution. Whether you are relocating to a new state or just moving across town, starting a new career or just beginning a new chapter in your life, we can design a plan that accomplishes everything you need at a price you can afford. 
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We can help with your long distance move.

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